I have been an IT Service Management project manager, practitioner, advocate, trainer, and consultant (all Levels of ITIL and ServiceNow) for over 20 years, focusing on IT Service Management and ServiceNow. I have thirty (30) years in IT, primarily concentrating on Infrastructure Project Management. I have achieved certification in many of the IT governance frameworks and have the understanding to implement these frameworks together to achieve superior value over choosing a single framework.

One of the biggest myths in IT governance is that a tool or software will be able to resolve or fix a situation in the organization. Workflow tools / software can guide the organization’s operational activities to ensure the adherence and proper completion of a well defined process. Now we have to find the mythical character of a “well defined process”. The software / tool can only provide support for the organizational processes and these tools are not a panacea for solving the organizational issues at hand. A common saying in the IT Governance and IT Service Management industry is: “A fool with a tool is still a fool”.

If you don’t understand the “Why?” then you will believe that you are supporting the organizational objectives because you are completing activities that have been defined within the organization. Activities should be defined based on cascading objectives and key performance indicators from the top down through the organizational structure.